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Membership and Membership Upgrades

If you are 'not' a current PMO Site Member:

Please go to [Join Now] to become a PMO Site member. Here you will define your nickname and password. The higher your level, the more access you have to certain features. You also enjoy further discounts on select products. For example; L2 members usually pay nothing to access webinars.

If you are NOT a current Member, these upgrade requests may not be accepted by the site administrator until you become a member. Simply because they can not be applied to a non-member.

If you are NOT a Member yet - Please [Join Now]


If you are currently a Level 1 (L1) Member:

upgrade one level to Level-2 (L2) >> [upgrade to L2 now]

upgrade two levels to Level-3 (L3) >> [upgrade to L3 now]


If you are currently a Level 2 (L2) Member:

Upgrade one level to Level-3 (L3) >> [upgrade to L3 now]

By upgrading to L3 you will get access to more site features and almost all webinars are no cost. Click upgarde to L3 now, above.


If you are currently a Level 3 (L3) Member:

What are you doing here? It is best if you wait until your membership expires and then upgrade again. You are at the top of your game.  



**Important Note:

*Your upgrade is only valid for the length of your base membership. If your base membership expires, so does your upgrade. You will need to renew at your last  membership level.  

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