PMO.09 The Value Proposition of Critical Path Management to Project Teams (SCR1-PMO-09)

What You Will Learn:
Does your project team know what the project end date is? Do they know that the team ahead of them has delayed in their work progress and now they will be late forcing you to work the weekend? How could this have been prevented? Why are you the project manager seen as the villian? Can't we all just get along with each other? You could if you use these techniques with your project resources. Or you could continue to struggle in all future project delivery work. Don't miss this webinar!

About the Presenter:
Steve is a global subject matter expert in Project and Program Management, Project Fraud Management, Portfolio Management, and associated Metrics. Steve is well known for developing and implementing PMOs and related best practice processes in portfolio management for projects, resources, assets, customers, and others.

Steve’s background includes experience in: Banking, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Military, Retail, Transportation, Telecommunications and Utility business sectors. Extensive business process experience includes Academic delivery instruction for Organizational Governance, Accounting, Business Compliance (Sox), Enterprise Project Management Systems, Information Technology, Customer Care, Global project management, Health Care Process Systems, and more.

Steve is also a noted author, consultant, key-note speaker and trainer at many project management community events across the world speaking to the “Value Proposition of Distributive Global Project Management in India” and “Growing Your Business, The Value Proposition of Project Management and Innovation” in Norway and Trinidad, and various Project Management Institute chapters worldwide.

Steve has authored the following books:

•“Advanced Project Portfolio Management and the PMO: Multiplying ROI at Warp Speed”, April 2003, J Ross Publishing,
•“Essential Project Investment Governance and Reporting: Prevent Project Fraud and Ensuring Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance”, January 2005, J Ross Publishing,
•“Value Based Metrics for Improving Results: An Enterprise Toolkit”, June 2006, J Ross Publishing,

Recent white papers Steve has authored includes:
•“How To Get Value From a PMO”, January 2003, International Institute for Learning
•“Top 5 Questions, CXOs Should Ask to Prevent Project Fraud”, May 2005, Sox Compliance Journal
•“Sort This Out”, February 2006, WWW.PMFORUM.Org,

Steve has chaired the Project Management Institute® International Metrics Specific Interest Group (WWW.METSIG.ORG) since May 2004. Steve is a practicing disciple of the late Dr. Edward Deming (Total Quality Management) and Dr. Eli Goldratt (Theory of Constraints) and utilizes these concepts to bring business value in his work.

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